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Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020    05/27/18  (55)
Met a legit fob Asian psychopath from an app. How to proceed? (pics) (DTP)    05/26/18  (46)
Five Guys is better than Shake Shack    05/27/18  (41)
Why so many white dudes attracted to Asian chicks?    05/27/18  (35)
Airline hostesses in Asia are beautiful    05/26/18  (32)
about to bet 5K on Warriors winning game 6    05/27/18  (29)
Wow! Black Women are so hot (when they look 90% white)!    05/26/18  (26)
Hypo: $200k per year which flyover city do you live in    05/27/18  (24)
'the man on the street' who is this psychopath?    05/26/18  (19)
Best Elon Musk tweet yet?    05/26/18  (18)
$till grinding away at sales. lol at spoiled lawyers complaining    05/26/18  (18)
which bright color is the most prestigious for summer shorts?    05/27/18  (16)
Fuck my ass! Spent $9,582 today.    05/27/18  (16)
Cum on Houston get me that $$$$$$$$    05/26/18  (16)
XO poster emailing his kid PDF of bedtime story    05/26/18  (15)
whats the deal with tezos?    05/26/18  (14)
Big Citymos: Do people actually jog in crowded cities? How is this possible?    05/26/18  (14)
Guy going to jail for 15 years for giving away free PC restore software    05/27/18  (13)
My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler    05/26/18  (13)
blue smoke comes here for the negativity, is a sad angry person    05/26/18  (13)
dennis is back. taking ?s for about 10 minutes    05/26/18  (11)
Battle STIM of the Republic    05/27/18  (10)
Why is Mueller so paralyzed + unwilling to make a real move on Trump?    05/27/18  (10)
Rank these early 2000s porn models.    05/26/18  (10)
Received 202.5K in checks today (CSLG)    05/26/18  (10)
babies are fucking disgusting    05/26/18  (9)
how the fuck is survivor still on television    05/27/18  (8)
i'm watching Riverdale s2 (netflix) fuck u all    05/26/18  (8)
Why don't more poasters use the "Subject" line    05/26/18  (8)
How to cure constant smelly farts    05/26/18  (8)
CharlesXII acts like a "nice guy". Reality: passive aggressive weirdo, thinks an    05/26/18  (8)
Rate Boston Cetics player Jayson Tatum's girlfriend    05/26/18  (8)
I know shrews are not very appealing, but can u really maek it work w/ a prole    05/26/18  (8)
pajama sam    05/27/18  (7)
HUMAN KEN DOLLS are 180    05/26/18  (7)
Why is Trump so good at pushing North Korea around behind closed doors?    05/26/18  (7)
so of all the women in the world, Musk dates chick XO was obsessed with?    05/26/18  (7)
Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Urinating into an Adult Undergarment    05/26/18  (7)
"dad why is america a burning shithold" "well you see, we wanted cheap salad    05/26/18  (7)
Was Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore funny or was I just 9    05/27/18  (6)
whatever happened to HITACHI vibrators?    05/27/18  (6)
My GF is sick on a weekend getaway    05/27/18  (6)
Rate this alligator.    05/26/18  (6)
boner police: need a ronald "mac" mcdonald update    05/26/18  (6)
Hehe my viral load is down this week haha (damn daddy)    05/26/18  (6)
Going on a dinner cruise    05/26/18  (6)
Creating conflict between insurance defense attorneys and the adjusters    05/26/18  (6)
Any literal retard can get on top fast in what you call America and are now    05/27/18  (6)
Making nasty comments on Waze on all police sightings is fun    05/27/18  (5)
Its pointless for me to go out, yet I do it every weekend    05/27/18  (5)