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IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/17/18  (89)
taking q's or giving q's ITT, right now, for a few minutes (Carl Spackler)    08/17/18  (69)
CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort jury    08/17/18  (67)
attention to detail is extremely womanly    08/17/18  (59)
How did academia become so liberal? What happened? Was it always that way    08/17/18  (58)
i would like to take some qs on being a middle aged asian woman    08/17/18  (46)
All living former CIA directors tell Trump/Putin the game is up (LINK)    08/17/18  (44)
Reddit is oppressively banal    08/17/18  (40)
Manafort Judge: "Reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason". Error?    08/17/18  (39)
Richard Spencer's womanizing has destroyed the alt-right    08/17/18  (37)
Manafort jury sends note to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!    08/17/18  (37)
Tucker just named global capitalism    08/17/18  (36)
I drank 4 16 oz. Miller Lites in 50 minutes during lunch today    08/17/18  (33)
PSA: Paying your mortgage is *not* a form of savings    08/16/18  (33)
colt in the same week: I just had a baby! I just closed on a house! Look at me!!    08/17/18  (32)
6 months into trail, jury asks 'soo, what does reasonable doubt mean?'    08/17/18  (32)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/17/18  (32)
so every airline is charging for a fucking CARRYON now?    08/17/18  (31)
Wife was spread-eagle ready to go when I got out of the shower this morning    08/17/18  (30)
LJL real estate closing tomorrow and my idiot partner "forgot" to get mortgage    08/17/18  (29)
Im calling bullshit on Apple in general    08/17/18  (27)
Giving away awesome Dodger tickets for August 21 (CSLG)    08/17/18  (27)
You can fuck 100 women, but they all blur into memories and u have nothing (DTP)    08/17/18  (27)
Mormons: "Don't call us Mormons."    08/17/18  (27)
why is Alex Jones afraid to name the Jew?    08/17/18  (27)
Funny how Christians turned the most narcissistic Jew ever into their god    08/17/18  (26)
Girl I've been seeing has tattoo on hip says "Stay Wild" wants to get serious    08/17/18  (26)
responding to discovery right now fuck yeah    08/17/18  (26)
Invited Jew To Shabbat Dinner. Here's His List Of Allergies.    08/17/18  (25)
Could YOU run 500 yards in less than 2 minutes???    08/17/18  (24)
Any LA poasters want to BLOW RAILS with me next week?    08/17/18  (23)
A racist, a sexist, and Donald Trump walk into a bar    08/17/18  (23)
does *mother* earth have a pussy and if so where is it located?    08/17/18  (23)
When I see Chloe Sevigny naked, I really can't blame Casper for sleepsexing her    08/16/18  (21)
ITT tell me about your least favorite uncle.    08/17/18  (20)
Qatar (QR) lounge game has gone WAY downhill    08/16/18  (20)
Y'all realize Manafort is getting hit with state charges too right?    08/17/18  (19)
Holy shit evidence that Chinese communists are behind Alex Jones ban    08/17/18  (19)
Why are women wearing those yoga pants with sheer cutouts now    08/17/18  (19)
Weird how modern leftists never protest/attack corporate targets    08/16/18  (19)
Doctor calls rug cleaner to his house;bimbo wife agrees to pay $42k for cleaning    08/17/18  (18)
Indiana lawyer shot dead by 83 year old city councilman    08/17/18  (18)
What is the purpose of put options, how do they benefit society    08/17/18  (17)
"Messianic Jews" make me laugh    08/17/18  (17)
Retiring, 8/17/18 (Muscadine Wine)    08/17/18  (17)
My Chrad roommate is literally entertaining a 5 upstairs    08/16/18  (17)
Ever dated another Trump supporter?    08/17/18  (16)
Remember mattress girl who claimed she was raped? Here she is now (pic)    08/17/18  (16)
Trump pushing Cuomo into a corner    08/17/18  (16)
Single incel law student making $ 25 thousand/yr able to save $1k/yr taking Qs    08/17/18  (16)