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POLL: DO U KNOW HOW TO JUMP START A CAR?    08/22/17  (43)
At what point did you lose your 'passion' for work and realized it was flame?    08/22/17  (26)
I bet most white people's family came to US after slavery was abolished    08/22/17  (20)
Minneapolis patent lawyer fired cuz he owned a white-supremicist record label    08/22/17  (20)
Early 30s and utterly bored with every aspect of life and the world ljl    08/22/17  (19)
Rate Reese Witherspoon 17 Year old Blonde Daughter (Daily Mail)    08/22/17  (14)
evan39 blacks think they are 50-60% of the population    08/22/17  (12)
You probably shouldn't find sex to be "novel" past idk 24 or so    08/22/17  (11)
Uh mods Why are the crypto faggots not staying in their sticky ghetto?    08/22/17  (11)
how much money do you have    08/22/17  (10)
Hypo: Autistic Chad or good looking Indian in NYC    08/22/17  (9)
Pretty cool how Bret Hart started giving out eclipse glasses 30+ years ago    08/22/17  (9)
I don't understand grown working men who don't vote GOP (lower taxes)    08/22/17  (7)
when are you not considered "young' anymore? until you hit 30?    08/22/17  (6)
why don't women look like this anymore? (pic)    08/22/17  (6)
Why is the SPLC the singular authority on hate?    08/21/17  (6)
70 percent of the Latinos I knew from HS are: married, have a kid, divorced, eng    08/21/17  (5)
HS volleyball coach jailed for posting these videos to youtube (link)    08/22/17  (4)
Lol at the "media" making blacks think they are persecuted JFC they are evil    08/22/17  (4)
JUST GOT A 8500 DOLLAR CHECK!    08/21/17  (3)
An we get that guy who broke honiaras thread to do it to the crypto threads    08/21/17  (2)
Thoroughly discouraged by GC/modern life - cr to embrace unorthodox lifestyle?    08/22/17  (1)
Dear Anglo Saxons, stop hiring Mexicans    08/22/17  (1)
NYC waiter fired after naming Asian woman 'Ching Chong' on receipt    08/21/17  (1)
Rate this boomers Facebook post re inheritance for his kids    08/21/17  (1)