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Wifes friend cant accept her dating options    08/09/18  (292)
The insanity of the housing market isn't talked about enough    08/13/18  (179)
come ITT and i'll say something nice about you or your poasting    08/13/18  (157)
Trump to block legal immigrants who used welfare from citizenship    08/08/18  (154)
minimum income to afford $60k SUV?    08/13/18  (142)
What's the point of sex? Isn't jacking off 85%+ as good?    08/14/18  (141)
Wallmos, do you think there are hordes scrabbling at the literal borders? How ma    08/09/18  (138)
BUMP when Dem wins OH 12 tonight    08/12/18  (133)
What was your beer of choice in HS?    08/12/18  (122)
I had sex with a 50-year old last night. I'm 32. Taking questions.    08/12/18  (107)
exeunt: "all u had to do was listen to me"    08/12/18  (103)
If you have OperaSoprano's real-life identity, please contact me off-board.    08/12/18  (101)
Bill would block access to porn in Alabama    08/09/18  (100)
Do you think a Space Force is a good idea?    08/13/18  (97)
Lol @ the garbage board    08/09/18  (94)
Brooks Koepka has one 3 of last 6 majors (excl. Masters DNP injured)    08/13/18  (90)
what % of xo bros could cop a commission in the Navy, Army, Air Force or USMC?    08/09/18  (88)
Why is the Deaf (capitalized) "community" so fucking horrible?    08/08/18  (87)
What is the last concert you went to and how much did you pay for tickets?    08/14/18  (85)
the solution to the jewish problem is to reframe it as a liberal problem    08/12/18  (85)
CNN attacking Laura Ingraham for resisting white genocide    08/13/18  (85)
So Trump Tower meeting had to do with getting possible dirt on HRC    08/07/18  (82)
When you strip away Trumpmos fake machismo, it boils down to    08/11/18  (81)
STUDY: Women's desirability peaks at 18, men's at 50.    08/09/18  (81)
I can't believe anyone with an IQ over 100 actually consumes sugar anymore    08/10/18  (79)
Academy Adds New Oscar For "Best Popular Film"    08/09/18  (79)
Divorcedmos of xo - were you blindsided by spouse unhappiness or affair?    08/09/18  (79)
which is the best war monument in the US? and world?    08/11/18  (76)
Hungary discontinues Gender Studies programs (link)    08/11/18  (76)
Answering medical questions for 5 minutes    08/10/18  (76)
holy shit golf's "Aussie Open" starts today #PGA Championship    08/13/18  (76)
Japan is basically the only 1st world country    08/09/18  (76)
Per the great boart's mandate, take this quiz and poast score.    08/10/18  (75)
$500k+ HHI, feel like we're barely getting by    08/08/18  (74)
DTP taking questions on intense self-loathing (8/8/2018)    08/09/18  (72)
Went on first date with 20 y/o mousy Asian 4 undergrad (DTP)    08/09/18  (72)
What is the degree/school combo with most lay prestige?    08/10/18  (71)
Pros/Cons to getting sucked in the PRIVATE SCHOOL rat race?    08/13/18  (70)
New Yorker: White men have no claims to humanity    08/12/18  (70)
I regret having kids. I'm on vacation right now and can't relax at all.    08/13/18  (69)
Gavin McInnes and "Proud Boys" permabanned from Twitter    08/11/18  (69)
Depressed about crypto    08/09/18  (69)
Replace one word of a movie title with Frog & Toad    08/13/18  (68)
What's the most prestigious genetic composition in DNA test for ethnicity?    08/12/18  (67)
100% outed licensed attorneys casually presenting ethnic cleansing as desirable    08/09/18  (67)
The "America" in 80s movies now seems like a utopian fantasy that couldn't exist    08/07/18  (67)
alpha chad I blew it brother. Couldve walked away rich and I didnt. Im gay    08/12/18  (66)
HoldUp, taking TQs (tough Qs), ITT:    08/14/18  (64)
Mueller prosecutor was CRYING during proceeding. Mistrial likely.    08/07/18  (64)
Plz help. Wife wants a weekend getaway for her bday.    08/13/18  (63)
As a female in online dating, I've noticed one thing    08/13/18  (63)
180 photo op of Trump with bikers. Libs apoplectic    08/13/18  (62)
"Eating healthy is too expensive"- is this just utter flame?    08/10/18  (62)
Board olds, describe the cultural mood of the near-post 9/11 era (to early 2003)    08/10/18  (62)
Talk me out of buying a Kimber Adirondack in 6.5 Creedmoor & Swaro Z3 scope    08/10/18  (62)
Proud owner of a sWEET 2011 MUSTANG. ALL CASH BUYER. Taking ?s ITT (pics)    08/14/18  (61)
Jurors slap fraud Monsanto with $289,000,000 verdict    08/13/18  (61)
SERIOUS Q: what's the CATHOLIC CHURCH'S reason for not distributing its wealth?    08/10/18  (61)
been drinking heavily daily for ~8mos, body is starting to do weird haywire shit    08/10/18  (61)
What famous US Jewish nationalists are there? List them    08/13/18  (60)
190 lb skinnyfat here - most effective way to lose 25-30 lbs of belly fat?    08/08/18  (60)
I think I need to go to the hospital    08/09/18  (59)
Proles: "Why would it matter where you went to law school."    08/08/18  (59)
FBI agent Peter Strzok fired    08/14/18  (58)
The Constitution Is An Out-Dated, Anti-Democratic Relic    08/10/18  (58)
CSLG and wife are swingers too? 180    08/08/18  (58)
Better bond: Sean Connery or Roger Moore? lawman8: Pierce motherfucking Brosnan    08/10/18  (56)
Stephen Miller has becum the SHADOW MASTER of the State Dept. (New Yorker)    08/13/18  (55)
Hooked up with 21 y/o fob asian 5, a former student of mine (DTP)    08/13/18  (55)
Never tried to use my Obamacare until today. It was worse than I ever expected.    08/11/18  (55)
Reuters: Trade war is sowing division & discord in Chinese political leadership    08/09/18  (55)
"Don't arrest me. I'm a very clean, thoroughbred white girl." (link)    08/08/18  (55)
/*\ Keith Ellison abuse victim statement (haha wow holy shit) /*\    08/13/18  (54)
What would th NFL need to do to win you back as a fan?    08/08/18  (53)
Who would win in a war between Canada and Saudi Arabia?    08/08/18  (53)
Took ex-wife to buy Tesla X for her BDay. She insisted on $160k Performance v    08/12/18  (52)
Father, son caught killing bear and shrieking cubs in den    08/12/18  (52)
Rate this T-gurl    08/11/18  (52)
I would bet $1,000 USD my IQ is higher than Spaceporn.    08/08/18  (52)
Give me a city in the USA. I give you a cool roadtrip from there.    08/13/18  (51)
Suicidal Seattle airport worker was 29 with a cute wife.    08/11/18  (51)
smashing pumpkins were literal SHIT TIER garbage    08/11/18  (51)
GFs dogs anal glands leaked in my house. Smells like absolute death    08/09/18  (51)
Thank god every day I went to HYS    08/09/18  (51)
OperaSoprano why did your moniker used to answer to "dennis"?    08/08/18  (51)
Wife wants me to get a vasectomy. We dont have kids    08/13/18  (50)
Reading about the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests in 1940s-50s    08/13/18  (50)
Lib tech media: Free Speech is dangerous    08/11/18  (50)
Posters with young kids (GTTR etc) how do you deal with kids who constantly run    08/12/18  (49)
ATTENTION: this board needs to get back to 2008 basics    08/09/18  (49)
Havent had Sex in Like Six Months    08/08/18  (49)
Comey 2 Hamilton actors: "Thank u for ur service"    08/10/18  (49)
Rate these stupidly overpriced sneakers I just went full GC cuck for    08/13/18  (48)
Frozen banana: 180 alternative to ice cream    08/09/18  (48)
taking questions on moving to dallas (fratty)    08/08/18  (48)
Where would you move as a single man in his mid 30's making 60K no matter where?    08/11/18  (47)
FL white man who fatally shot black man who pushed him charged w/ manslaughter    08/13/18  (46)
got laid off as soon as i came in this morning.    08/13/18  (46)
dc rally livestream    08/12/18  (46)
honestly I can't love or respect any woman. they are all deranged (pic)    08/11/18  (46)
Judge Orders Return of Two Deported Asylum Seekers to U.S.    08/10/18  (46)
Fuck this place I may leave for good! Its so fucked up(Boom)    08/10/18  (46)
Joining the Military is probably CR for most paths nowadays    08/09/18  (46)
DC Libs: "No Border! No Wall! No USA at all!"    08/13/18  (45)
Colt taking questions on the first 3 days of fatherhood    08/12/18  (45)
high speed internet costs $4.25 a month in Ukraine    08/11/18  (45)
Spent $12+ on "lunch"    08/09/18  (45)
Kissinger laments failure of US-Russia alliance to contain China:    08/12/18  (45)
Hillary ended up winning college whites by 17 points    08/13/18  (44)
Nothing feels as good as falling in love.    08/13/18  (44)
GC has decided that next Bond will be black    08/10/18  (43)
Did nyuug ever get his 2008 v6 mustang? Lol    08/09/18  (43)
CHECK IN: your 401k's current value rounded to nearest thousand    08/09/18  (43)
top ten craft beers on the market period    08/10/18  (43)
New poster here, my name is Moshe from NYC, HLS-grad. Taking q's.    08/13/18  (42)
You wake up at SEC school, it's CFB opening weekend, you're 18    08/12/18  (42)
How China made Dianne Feinstein the wealthiest Congressperson (link)    08/13/18  (42)
MFH renters get ITT    08/13/18  (41)
"sultans of swing" plays as chad bartenders eiffel tower TSINAH's gf    08/14/18  (41)
Going to need some xo advise on Tokyo over here    08/11/18  (41)
Hai Guyz. It's Rudolph. Out of retirement for a few mins. U right with Jesus?    08/10/18  (41)
75% of Iraq War US dead were white males    08/10/18  (41)
Japan is our true greatest ally. Should arm them with nukes    08/10/18  (41)
In-house from BIG LAW V20 White collar crime practice?    08/09/18  (41)
for all those faggots asking cops to shoot them in the leg, happy now?    08/07/18  (41)
How many suits do you own? Which brands?    08/13/18  (39)
LETS GO TIGER!!!    08/12/18  (39)
Nebraska about to embarrass Lebron Akron zips in game one    08/08/18  (39)
Physical phenomena that is probabilistic & can be see with naked eye    08/12/18  (38)
What percent of XO poasters believe Sandy Hook was fake?    08/12/18  (38)
James Comey: "Grateful to one of my heroes, @KingJames"    08/11/18  (38)
rate this ben shapiro tweet    08/10/18  (38)
Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate commitment to diversity    08/10/18  (38)
just got my STD test back    08/14/18  (37)
Lol you're a fool if you don't buy ETH right now    08/14/18  (37)
Have 2 US Opens & 1 PGA. Trade For 1 USO + 1 PGA For A Masters? #golf #ironside    08/13/18  (37)
How much do all of these B-list/C-list comedians make?    08/13/18  (37)
Red Wave: A record high 75% of America wants to drastically cut immigration    08/10/18  (37)
What is the best place in the country for an UMC white family to live?    08/07/18  (37)
After 2 years of taking Vyvanse and Modafinil every day, I quit cold turkey    08/09/18  (36)
Can someone pls explain the Frog and Toad meme?    08/10/18  (36)
Almost HALF of shitlibs think the government should be able to silence media    08/07/18  (36)
state your feuds and then try to quash them ITT    08/12/18  (35)
Hey, remember when we would have lost WW2 without Russia?    08/13/18  (35)
4 year old daughter's favorite band is Green Day. Could not be happier.    08/12/18  (35)
what is the real reason Alex Jones was banned    08/11/18  (35)
Fucked sidepiece 3 times last night - how to "recharge" my johnson?    08/10/18  (35)
ATL calls Princeton/Chicago Coif law prof dumb b/c he was MEAN 2 the wise latina    08/09/18  (35)