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Stunningly hot law prof Nancy Leong gets kidnapped, almost raped by Uber driver    04/19/18  (277)
ITT: post your unpopular movie opinions    04/20/18  (217)
All right, fine. I'll give dating a shot. Taking ?s and advice (CharlesXII)    04/17/18  (211)
Macron: Europe's and Africa's destinies are bounded. Mass migration welcome (lin    04/19/18  (205)
somebody poast crazy ass serial killer scholarship on here    04/16/18  (150)
DESCRIBE features of houses you love    04/19/18  (147)
New Yorker: "Chick-fil-A's Creepy Infiltration of New York City"    04/17/18  (146)
Any chain restaurants you actually like?    04/19/18  (142)
South Africa is a warning    04/19/18  (141)
Post a SINGLE picture of your dream home itt, others rate.    04/20/18  (138)
my nyc friends are all delaying babies as much as they can    04/17/18  (131)
What exactly did Starbucks do wrong? The men were trespassing    04/16/18  (129)
Lol, Sean Hannity is going to jail    04/16/18  (125)
Why are teachers so low paid?    04/15/18  (124)
Black Lives Matter now Boycotting Starbucks    04/15/18  (120)
McClatchy: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming dossier    04/19/18  (118)
The Starbucks arrests shouldn't be trivialized.    04/20/18  (115)
Trumpmos are going to be longing for the days of Obama after 2020    04/19/18  (112)
James Comey is without a doubt, one of the most disgraceful people I've seen.    04/14/18  (112)
This NYT article on Beyonc is unhinged    04/17/18  (111)
any body have experience w/ hospice end of life stuff re parents? need help    04/18/18  (110)
you guys just pretend to hate jews right?    04/19/18  (109)
The FBI wiretapped Cohen ( link)    04/17/18  (108)
A certain chill realization that you've ruined multiple girls' lives    04/16/18  (106)
LOL Starbucks CEO en route to Philly for protests. They're so fucked    04/17/18  (105)
4chan is running a hilarious Starbucks flame campaign    04/19/18  (101)
**** OFFICIAL US STRIKE IN SYRIA THREAD ****    04/14/18  (100)
Libs coming for Tulsi Gabbard    04/17/18  (97)
Peterman taking ?'s    04/15/18  (97)
Chick biglaw senior associate taking questions for the first time    04/19/18  (95)
ITT we estimate TSINAH's LSAT    04/20/18  (94)
How many people from your high school class got into ivies, mit, stanford, ctech    04/19/18  (93)
My friend dated a girl from 26-33 then dumped her. Is this fucked up    04/19/18  (92)
ITT: Poast If You've Sat In Coffee Shops w/o Buying Anything    04/17/18  (89)
Black 14 year old knocks on a strangers door for directions and gets shot at    04/16/18  (88)
married bros, how much tolerance do you have for getting screamed at by wife?    04/19/18  (87)
PDDJ's Mom MAF, Called Me "Mean & Vindictive" re Dyke Wedding Planner Review    04/19/18  (82)
Californiamos: do you ever feel you are paying too much taxes?    04/17/18  (81)
BAREBACKED a 26 year old GERMAN CANADIAN last night. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    04/20/18  (77)
The only credited fast casual/fast food places are as follows    04/19/18  (77)
Who the fuck is using all the conference rooms in every hotel?    04/17/18  (77)
ITT: we name random NBA players from the 90s    04/15/18  (77)
has there ever been a worse degeneration than Ancient Greece --> Modern Greece    04/19/18  (75)
Had an incident with a neighbor early this AM    04/16/18  (73)
Woman half sucked out of Southwest plane in flight after engine blows up    04/18/18  (72)
Starbucks manager confirms loitering was a constant problem, was attacked by hom    04/17/18  (72)
Jam bands    04/17/18  (71)
Dad dies inside when he meets transgender son    04/17/18  (71)
If you spent 1MM educating your kids, for them to make 100K/yr...would u be piss    04/19/18  (70)
Fresno State professor calls Barbara Bush "amazing racist", happy she's dead    04/19/18  (70)
new apartment complexes with fancy amenities are flame    04/19/18  (69)
How did Panera get so big with suburban wagecucks    04/18/18  (69)
NY Post: Why restaurants are overcooking your steaks    04/14/18  (69)
have any of your major life assumptions been seriously wrong?    04/20/18  (68)
Prof Jeffrey Sachs telling the truth on Syria on MSNBC    04/16/18  (68)
Getting nervous about our $700k mortgage    04/18/18  (67)
what is the largest American city NOT yet ruined by nigs?    04/15/18  (66)
Does anyone here have dual monitors?    04/16/18  (63)
30 y/o female Chicago lawyer documents her break up, $ habits (link)    04/19/18  (62)
Shitlib self-immolated in Prospect Park this morning (pic)    04/15/18  (61)
if u had told me 18 years ago that now i would be    04/15/18  (61)
cliffs on blp drama?    04/20/18  (60)
New Yorker: "The Regressive Politics of 'A Quiet Place'"    04/17/18  (60)
Philly, Boston, DC, Austin, Charlotte, LA are all underpriced right now    04/19/18  (59)
Anyone here read Jorge Luis Borges?    04/19/18  (59)
CFA or JD (Not Top 14)?    04/17/18  (59)
Does your GF/wife ever wear "fuck me" boots?    04/18/18  (59)
Bumble girl on 2nd date tonight asked me if Im tired    04/14/18  (59)
Lol Catholics literally denying their pope in violation of their own religion    04/17/18  (58)
I'm too dumb to understand why this Hannity story is a big deal. Someone explain    04/17/18  (58)
Teen slowly suffocated by back seat of Honda. Called 911 dispatch didnt do shit.    04/15/18  (58)
Trump looking for an Arab force to replace US military in Syria.    04/17/18  (57)
Badly want to quit my job but I have a $1 million mortgage    04/15/18  (57)
If you're honest, Trump is fucking weird    04/19/18  (56)
Awesome op-ed on Mueller in The Hill from a former Bill Clinton advisor    04/16/18  (56)
Married with kids mos: describe weekend so far    04/17/18  (56)
Hey Watchmen, what are you going to do about BLP?    04/20/18  (55)
Stormy Daniels releases police sketch. You won't BELIEVE who it looks like...    04/19/18  (55)
How gay if Gal Gadot really does nothing for me    04/15/18  (55)
GOP Sen. Tillis defends Mueller, says his base can fuck off and die    04/17/18  (54)
I stopped reading books in college, how do I get back to reading?    04/17/18  (54)
TRUMP is on a Sunday morning tweetstorm. Enjoy!    04/15/18  (54)
Black romance novels with names like "2 Can Play Dat Game"    04/20/18  (53)
Rate this rising USC freshman    04/16/18  (53)
Libs have completely sanitized and erased Southern culture and heritage    04/20/18  (52)
Where should I move in Orange County?    04/18/18  (52)
Sad truth: even if collusion occurred, FBI is not competent enough to uncover    04/19/18  (52)
Reel talk: fishing is fun.    04/18/18  (52)
How good was Barry Bonds in his prime?    04/15/18  (52)
Went in house a few weeks ago. I regret going to ls for the 1st time    04/16/18  (52)
Name cities/towns that were idyllic in the 20th century but are now SHITHOLDS    04/19/18  (51)
ITT: Rate this photo of a shitlib Starbucks barista morphing into a Trump voter    04/17/18  (51)
Real talk: Most anime is better than 99% of American TV shows    04/19/18  (50)
If ur girl hasn't profoundly degraded herself to chase u, u don't have her (DTP)    04/19/18  (50)
Rate this hot blond entrepreneur (Instagram)    04/17/18  (50)
Real talk: If manual labor paid 6 figures I'd do it until retirement    04/16/18  (50)
Got disbarred this morning    04/18/18  (49)
LJL, blp just shitmodded that thread    04/20/18  (48)
Kendrick Lamar has got to be the most overrated artist    04/17/18  (48)
Check out the BEST BUDGET TRAVEL destinations in the Northeast    04/17/18  (48)
rate my net worth progression    04/16/18  (48)
Jeff Bezos on prestigious cars    04/16/18  (48)
Why is the southwest pilot a HERO???    04/19/18  (47)
xo clitdicks have created 100+ starbucks threads in the past 2 days    04/18/18  (47)
Best South park episode ever?    04/18/18  (47)
Anyone fuck some really great pussy this weekend?    04/17/18  (47)
why is everyone obsessed with HOME OWNERSHIP?    04/20/18  (46)
WSJ: FBI completes investigation of hours padding at major law firms    04/19/18  (46)
Criteria for being a Real Man    04/20/18  (46)
How can you eat animal doods after hanging with them    04/18/18  (46)
Police charge 18 year old after traffic stop gone wrong    04/16/18  (46)
friend wants to start Ukraine dating site with vetted girls    04/15/18  (46)
taking a week off biglaw, so I can fly to DC & wingman for CharlesXII. Taking Qs    04/19/18  (45)
communism may be have been SPS but at least it encouraged having a family    04/17/18  (45)
***XO DC Crew: Let's share DC knowledge ITT***    04/15/18  (45)
Popular childrens books but they are about XO poasters    04/19/18  (44)
Rate this law teen from Georgetown (pic)    04/19/18  (44)
Still can't get over Obama trying to pollute nice areas w/Section 8 ghetto trash    04/19/18  (44)
so xo's collective wisdom is real estate investment is generally flame    04/19/18  (44)
I dont understand when my Facebook feed became pics of children + fat women    04/18/18  (44)
How much did YOU pay to file your taxes? Me: $109.98    04/17/18  (44)
LOL they literally awarded a Pulitzer Prize for fake news    04/17/18  (44)
can someone explain why foreigners are allowed to buy housing property in US?    04/17/18  (44)
***FULL VIDEO***: Arrest of Two Black Men in Starbucks (video)    04/16/18  (44)
YOURE OLD : XO moving on to naming 2000s MLB players    04/19/18  (44)
Mom diagnosed with aggressive cancer at 55...    04/20/18  (43)
Lil Tay, 9-year-old asian wrapper who uses the N-word    04/19/18  (43)
chandler, I'm coming to L.A. for a conference, let's hang out    04/19/18  (43)
race of children by state as a % of total child population    04/16/18  (43)
Sex with a 5'0 girl is way better than sex with a 5'10 + chick    04/15/18  (43)
ITT: share AA stories you've experienced personally    04/19/18  (42)
Todd Van Poppel    04/15/18  (42)
rating posters ITT as "extreme" Honda CR-V pics    04/14/18  (42)
Swedens violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image [POLITICO]    04/19/18  (41)
DESCRIBE your favorite female features    04/19/18  (40)
Should i hold ~10% bonds in my long term portfolio? or fuck bonds    04/19/18  (40)
dad secretly came to my house and cleaned up my yard when i was on vacation    04/19/18  (40)
Trump: "Actually, I didn't obstruct justice when I fired Comey."    04/18/18  (40)
Living legend Morrissey: Acid attacks are non-white, can't be addressed because    04/19/18  (40)
Prole tell: first.last@gmail.com email addresses    04/16/18  (40)
wrecking my body with caffeine and junk food recently    04/16/18  (40)
moderately chubby gf went from 170lb to 177lb (holy shit)    04/16/18  (40)
black bro who demanded free coffee was a LITERAL NAZI    04/19/18  (39)
Id like In n Out more if their fries werent so FUCKING TERRIBLE    04/19/18  (39)
What is the deal with lib backlash over A Quiet Place?    04/19/18  (39)
XO David Hogg announces boycott of Vanguard and BlackRock    04/18/18  (39)
Is there anything :D is wrong about    04/17/18  (39)
The future is higher taxes and minimal public services    04/17/18  (39)