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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
Moving back to my hometown after 6 years of biglaw    05/20/18  (39)
Cliffs on Schlossberg? Did he really only ask someone to speak english?    05/20/18  (52)
Is this a perfect 10/10? (pic)    05/20/18  (1)
Who here is currently on online dating?    05/20/18  (21)
woman drops kid, it falls three floors to its death (video)    05/20/18  (6)
Bachelor party Night is getting kooky bros.    05/20/18  (9)
LOL, Bari Weiss on the Bill Maher show tonight = Ultimate Turbo Cunt.    05/20/18  (5)
Finland Court: sex w/kids permitted if your culture permits it (link)    05/20/18  (33)
Libs do you feel the walls closing in on you?    05/20/18  (9)
What do shitlawyers who can't afford Lexis/Westlaw use?    05/20/18  (17)
Why do minorities gravitate towards WASP built societies?    05/20/18  (8)
reminder: just imagine how horrible XO would be today if Hillary had won    05/20/18  (49)
Now imagine that Hillary won    05/20/18  (7)
Real talk: that piece of shit Erik Prince is getting indicted    05/20/18  (29)
Bill Gates: Trump is an anti-VAXXER pedo    05/20/18  (10)
Should I send a link to this book to my whole company?    05/20/18  (1)
Lmao at Ohtani and Angels fans    05/20/18  (121)
Anyone else wear a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket to work?    05/20/18  (1)
Blue Wave (Reuters) GOP +1.4 The lines crossed for the first time    05/20/18  (5)
The Jordan Peterson + Stephen Fry vs. Libs debate on free speech is up    05/20/18  (41)
*xo poster on stand doing great* DA: "1 last Q-wut did ur internal monologue say    05/20/18  (1)
Dave Rubin talks calmly to MAF female lib at college event (vid)    05/20/18  (22)
ljl @ chick-pursuers    05/20/18  (2)
60+ nigger teens attack white woman (video)    05/20/18  (53)
LathamTouchedMe should be shot out of a cannon from international waters into NK    05/20/18  (14)
which one of these three chicks is the hottest (pic)    05/20/18  (29)
2021: jaded Charles posting nudes of tinder slores from Bratislava    05/20/18  (6)
I'm sitting at a bar, and the (female) bartender has hairy armpits. Disgusting.    05/20/18  (6)
A-10 Thunderbolt hits Taliban with dat 30mm cannon    05/20/18  (4)
USA Today: After extensive analysis, the Russian ads supported...Black Lives Mat    05/20/18  (18)
the risk: if Dem collusion on Trump spying is proven, Dem party dead for 30 yrs    05/20/18  (52)
Good article about the problems facing California (real clear policy)    05/20/18  (6)
Prince Devontae    05/20/18  (1)
REMINDER: video of a woman who SURVIVED a Mexican cartel attack:    05/20/18  (28)
If XO ever 'leaked' IRL, they *would* write about it in all popular press, story    05/20/18  (46)
when you were in high school, which one of these chicks would you pursue (pic)    05/20/18  (11)
Is It Time To End The Secret Ballot? (WaPo Op-Ed)    05/20/18  (14)
Why are American police over-the-top aggressive?    05/20/18  (44)
How is it possible one man beats the ENTIRE D.C. Apparatus? Can it be done?    05/20/18  (3)
Wife's personality underwent a major change post marriage & baby    05/20/18  (96)
The opium dens of China were less lethal than the opioid crisis in America    05/20/18  (3)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    05/20/18  (24)
Bill Kristol at gay gold paint orgy (a la JFK) in Haifa, touting David French    05/20/18  (9)
It's a new sensation the kids are calling 'Doing the Racist Rant' (Ted Koppel    05/20/18  (2)
You've got Trump empowering people to DO these RANTS! No mas!    05/20/18  (2)
Wow. We may actually see treasonous criminals hanged.    05/20/18  (6)
Did the guy who outted assfaggot etc and JCM get banned    05/20/18  (4)
why are crossfit chicks so psychotic?    05/20/18  (4)
Reddit libs went from Occam's razor to this is very complex, u need a phd    05/20/18  (5)
middle quail sister is trans, my mind is blown (CharlesXII)    05/20/18  (1)
You can almost see WLMAS go from arrogant MUH RUSSIA to deflated & scared    05/20/18  (1)
running a business seems stressful af    05/20/18  (1)
Anyone catch the Jordan Peterson vs. Michael Dyson MUNK DEBATE?    05/20/18  (2)
Reminder - most women are attracted to an exciting criminal than a boring man    05/20/18  (7)
In terms of results vs polling, 1980 was bigger upset than 2016 election    05/20/18  (5)
taking Deadpool 2 questions, since nobody else made a thread about it    05/20/18  (21)
Watchmen scratching "Gucci" onto a Truvada pill with a used syringe    05/20/18  (126)
Reminder: Sessions advocated to Trump that he pick Rosenstein to serve as DAG    05/20/18  (2)
"free women's sexuality" means a small band of alpha males have ALL the sex    05/20/18  (1)
Just got diagnosed with radial nerve palsy, retiring. (WMTP)    05/20/18  (83)
another childhood friend dead from opiod abuse    05/20/18  (13)
going to be 180 when Meghan/Harry have the first autistic prince/princess    05/20/18  (3)
Cornered deep state rats lashing out    05/20/18  (1)
haha wow holy shit re global warming    05/20/18  (4)
What prompted the FBI informant stories last week? The IG report only pertains t    05/20/18  (30)
deep state scrambling panicked    05/20/18  (6)
Donny and Luis running Bay to breakers today in the nude (pic)    05/20/18  (2)
New, Extremely Stable Tweet by John Brennan    05/20/18  (4)
Haha with all dis sheeet    05/20/18  (1)
FBI leaked informant's details to NYT hoping republicans would "out" him    05/20/18  (3)
Blows my mind that so-called prestigious lawyers defend spying on political opp    05/20/18  (1)
hiiiigh. I'm gonna take a walk in the park.    05/20/18  (1)
Baseballmos, how good is Ohtani's batting? Top 10 in MLB?    05/20/18  (42)
Dont play the cards your dealt, play the man across the table    05/20/18  (7)
Is XO more impressed by a charismatic articulate Rhodes Scholar or    05/20/18  (13)
explain the literary/aesthetic appeal of The Bible    05/20/18  (3)
*changes moniker to Jogurt to avoid recognition. Starts running weak flame*    05/20/18  (11)
Do you know any straight men who give a shit about the Royal Family?    05/20/18  (1)
hard cold truth: being bald = doubling down on facial aesthetics = XO poas fuk'd    05/20/18  (1)
Think of how far weve fallen since the Vietnam + Korean War    05/20/18  (4)
Extremely detailed analysis on how Admiral Michael Rogers saved America    05/20/18  (45)
Now that Bluesmoke is old she thinks it's "weird" for women to date 5+ yrs older    05/20/18  (57)
so sammy davis jr. jr. = obeezy = JJC?    05/20/18  (8)
Rally's is underrated    05/20/18  (8)
So orthodontists >>>>>>>>
>>> doctor
   05/20/18  (27)
why do minorities and women gravitate towards a victim complex?    05/20/18  (11)
He did the Rant, The Racist Rant. It was a Graveyard smash.    05/20/18  (9)
Alexa, append another 'jr' to my moniker    05/20/18  (12)
Are Rally's and Checkers the same thing?    05/20/18  (3)
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger is only 450 calories    05/20/18  (27)
Media/groups now contacting Schlossbergs CLIENTS asking why they hire racist (li    05/20/18  (11)
kenny get ITT to discuss Game of Thrones    05/20/18  (32)
Know any Bros that own a Franchise? Good way to cop upper middle class life?    05/20/18  (13)
Why do losers gravitate toward racism?    05/20/18  (26)
Most Mexicans in USA live in Texas, California...yet they are most desirable sta    05/20/18  (5)
Reminder Zetas attack on cops Texas 2011    05/20/18  (1)
Companies that are secretly owned by Oriental conglomerates    05/20/18  (25)
Does the West have anything similar to Mecca where non-Christians can't enter?    05/20/18  (5)
welp just bought a new menswearhouse suit for $400    05/20/18  (9)
Just do 1st at Mich Law -> SCOTUS -> LawProf -> Romance Novelist    05/20/18  (4)
What if lib media is really XO and is pushing ethnic conflict to kill all browns    05/20/18  (1)
Libs why is race/income inequality social illls, but sexual inequity is nbd?    05/20/18  (5)
JFC, Texas has a lot of mass-shootings    05/20/18  (9)
So who in the DOJ will investigate the FBI? Sessions? Rosenstein? Lmao    05/20/18  (5)
women have never invented or achieved anything of importance, ever    05/20/18  (8)
Blacks are the most harmed grouped in the united states due to illegal immigrati    05/20/18  (2)
Totally a coincidence non-whites love migrating to white areas, right?    05/20/18  (2)
Can someone do some due diligence for me? Destiny Dixon, outcall    05/20/18  (3)
If Deep State felt confident enuf to spy on & rig Trump, imagine what else they'    05/20/18  (14)
Mueller to drop his mixtape on September 1st (Fox News)    05/20/18  (4)
Hello? This is the FBI. What is the nature of -- oh hi Consuela    05/20/18  (54)
Giving away .1 BTC to each of the first 20 sudos to poast ITT    05/20/18  (33)
A Transgender Chicanx critique of Shakespeare    05/20/18  (4)
trump needs to make a push for ending birthright citizenship    05/20/18  (1)
Las Fucking Vegas is going to the Stanley Cup Finals    05/20/18  (6)
Guy has imgur link carved on his tombstone    05/20/18  (2)
Katt Williams hosts Comedians in Cars Not Getting Coffee But Taking up Tables    05/20/18  (14)
Starring Daniel Day-Lewis (retired)    05/20/18  (9)
jfc virgins are only options for brides after this shit (link)    05/20/18  (1)
Rate these Mountain Goat Dooder's footholds    05/20/18  (1)
wheres that cowgod poast about how people who go out and do things are losers    05/20/18  (7)
Mexicans are racist as hell    05/20/18  (1)
TCTP here. I am in FAVOR of closong the southern Border because    05/20/18  (2)
Brennan pleading with Congress to stop Trump from investigating him (link)    05/20/18  (5)
Anyone else tired of beckersteds aw shucks Im just humble catholic rican sht    05/20/18  (66)
an empty lonely universe without anyone watching over you or caring    05/20/18  (12)
just do 100% work from home $750k inhouse    05/20/18  (3)
i was meant to be idle rich, this is all a big mistake    05/20/18  (9)
Ragnus here, tweaking on adderall like its 2015    05/20/18  (17)
started listening to classical music, now I'm white wtf    05/20/18  (1)
Pack of wild Dachshunds mauls Oklahoma women to DEATH    05/20/18  (49)
Stood up in the middle of a meeting today and said: "Big...Black    05/20/18  (151)
deep state scrambling to stay out of prison expect crazy shit this week    05/20/18  (2)
your future daughter, rolling her face off @ furry convention orgy    05/20/18  (2)
How do Catholicmos reconcile that like half their priests are fags and/or pedos    05/20/18  (26)
Rate this doctor itt lying about his shit declining profession    05/20/18  (38)
PAPI, HE DO A RACISS RANT!    05/20/18  (2)
*Peterman slowly removes fruit of the loom undies to Anita Ward "Ring My Bell"*    05/20/18  (11)
Rate this 17yo blonde teen from SoCal    05/20/18  (27)
Beady eyes narrowing as slave ship pulls into Jamestown Flying J    05/20/18  (1)
Anyone else ever think "What the FUCK am I doing on this board????"    05/20/18  (57)
HuffingtonPost shitlib male writer: "Muhammad Was a Feminist"    05/20/18  (48)
Yes, Trans Women Can Get Period Symptoms    05/20/18  (33)
j shad dates irish girls who love him out of concern for his mental health    05/20/18  (9)
Modern libs, Soviets, Victorians: "Art without a strong social lesson is immoral    05/20/18  (17)
Middle aged law shrew sent me more nudes    05/20/18  (315)
Las Vegas has a hockey team?    05/20/18  (2)
feminst arguing that Allie shd have stayed w/ Johnny in Karate Kid    05/20/18  (1)

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