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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
my crypto nw has just crossed the $50 million mark    12/12/17  (51)
How mad is earl about crypto?    12/12/17  (9)
Black bitch is named "Tressica"    12/12/17  (1)
arguing w wife over who is meaner to whom.    12/12/17  (8)
withdrawing 401k and going all in    12/12/17  (8)
***** OFFICIAL Alabama Senate election results discussion thread *****    12/12/17  (30)
Proles are always getting in "car accidents"    12/12/17  (9)
what are you doing? we dont stop here.    12/12/17  (1)
What a time to be alive    12/12/17  (3)
UNLV law professor tells her students not to clerk for Kozinski    12/12/17  (32)
Al Franken, desperately praying for Moore to win    12/12/17  (7)
I called it. Jones will win.    12/12/17  (5)
Trump era will likely be less PC/SJW    12/12/17  (12)
I could see us holding hands, walking on the beach our toes in the sand.    12/12/17  (2)
Two things XO covers better than any other forum: terrorism & elections    12/12/17  (4)
Can't wait til Trump beats Gillibrand +7 in 2020    12/12/17  (3)
"Whoa! You two know each other?"    12/12/17  (3)
lawman8 now tracking pumos    12/12/17  (23)
which group has highest % of cucks?    12/12/17  (1)
If Moore wins this is what I hope happens    12/12/17  (30)
For new generation of women, "starter marriages" kickstart wealth (NYT)    12/12/17  (67)
bitcoin mania is a great addition 2 technopornographic late capitalist modernity    12/12/17  (7)
Rate this new Chinese freeway:    12/12/17  (6)
hypo: Doug Jones ran as pro-life    12/12/17  (2)
Who's planning to cut weight after the holidays? Poast your cutting technique.    12/12/17  (50)
next 10 years: wealthy crypto bros taking ARE country back    12/12/17  (1)
rating poasters as orders by shrews at restaurants    12/12/17  (51)
People who bought eth at ico are now up 600,000 percent    12/12/17  (1)
*Alabama secy of state going all in on PredictIt just before announcement*    12/12/17  (1)
yo luis, my penis is smelly right nao    12/12/17  (1)
Hipster cafes always have those stupid menus written in chalk    12/12/17  (2)
Here's the thing about exeunt and lawman8 (DTP)    12/12/17  (63)
Moore is gonna win easily lol at libs    12/12/17  (1)
Colt tearing into a General Tso Boy    12/12/17  (29)
The Spanish Imposition: My Time at XO (Julia)    12/12/17  (15)
protip: sometime in the next five days eth will crash into the tiny pink 500s    12/12/17  (2)
In your gut, you know Trump has some screws loose in the head    12/12/17  (10)
crypto multi millionaires poast itt    12/12/17  (21)
Winter 2017/2018 TV advice thread    12/12/17  (1)
xo provides so many justifications for killing self, it's amazing.    12/12/17  (5)
Jones up 50 already!!!! Its OVER!!    12/12/17  (1)
nocoiners, i am here to help you: buy ethereum. futures will launch shortly    12/12/17  (25)
Peterman lands private helicopter @ Flying J, gets out, goes 2 work in big stall    12/12/17  (1)
but the SHARED GULF COAST HERITAGE colt moaned as I sodomized him on bourbon st    12/12/17  (8)
jfc Peterman is now literally a millionaire    12/12/17  (18)
Making 10-20K on crypto is the worst place to be    12/12/17  (17)
Bump this thread win ROOOOY wins BIG TIME    12/12/17  (2)
Fucking lmao Lawman straight up "retired" "colt". Absolutely bodied him.    12/12/17  (4)
Julia referring to 2016 as an "anus horribilis"    12/12/17  (17)
peterman bald and naked walking around Javits Center after buying it as residenc    12/12/17  (2)
CNN calls it for Moore!!!!    12/12/17  (2)
Colt IG selfie: "nothing better than authentic NY slice served by my fave SC jus    12/12/17  (5)
Qs 4 Real Estate mastermen How 2 get loan to buy investment prop? Wait for crash    12/12/17  (1)
Free money: Buy lil' Doug Jones at $.36    12/12/17  (15)
self-directed IRA all in on crypto CR?    12/12/17  (1)
The Deep Penetration of Prague started the 30 years.. (Julia)    12/12/17  (1)
so dirte deleting his btc thread means he actually found them right?    12/12/17  (39)
Live lookin at Roy Moore election party    12/12/17  (3)
Meet San Francisco's new acting mayor: LONDON BREED    12/12/17  (15)
BIGLAW gf's new thing is everyone else must work on HER ridiculous schedule    12/12/17  (2)
Roy Moore talking points! Get your talking points before you see them tonight!    12/12/17  (14)
'CPR' only works in 8% of cases    12/12/17  (6)
What if exeunt was WMTP    12/12/17  (5)
LORD EXEUNT - have you treated yourself to anything 180 with ur new riches?    12/12/17  (17)
Asian support for Democrats is much more pathetic than blacks support for Democr    12/12/17  (72)
Hollywood is dead    12/12/17  (33)
Does gatormo return to threads w/ everyone begging, or just crawl back to swamp?    12/12/17  (5)
Iphone X face data hacked - and converted into freakishly realistic 3D prints    12/12/17  (7)
business idea: nig nog! black colored egg nog    12/12/17  (44)
When I'm feeling down I take heroin    12/12/17  (1)
Roy Moore campaign largest purchaser of Girl Scout cookies in Alabama (link)    12/12/17  (16)
Could Tezos ever do what LTC did    12/12/17  (16)
I come here to retire poa, not to bump him.    12/12/17  (8)
Isn't it better for Dems if Moore wins?    12/12/17  (2)
ljl if you think GC isn't going to find some way to wipe out ur crypto gains    12/12/17  (7)
Rate this Trump supporter's cutting edge legal analysis    12/12/17  (16)
Taking ?s on the CRYPTO scene in ASIA. (nyuug)    12/12/17  (10)
Serious Q for GATORMO: how much $ have you actually taken home    12/12/17  (4)
satanism seems like christian fan fiction    12/12/17  (2)
Evan that chick doesn't have an issue with your egg face problem?    12/12/17  (4)
who needs crypto when you have alcohol    12/12/17  (6)
XO pedophiles MAF that I was right about Jones winning    12/12/17  (2)
Went to the gun range yesterday, played golf today. Libs?    12/12/17  (2)
fyi: FOMO is the mother of all evil for cryptos    12/12/17  (10)
That's LOVE that's GOOD that's OKAY    12/12/17  (3)
fiat fraud millionaires poast ITT    12/12/17  (3)
Should I put 20k into LTC    12/12/17  (6)
holy fuck. been in biglaw for years. taking valium for the 1st time.    12/12/17  (1)
Let$ go A$ia pump up LTC    12/12/17  (34)
Charlie Brown tp getting a heart attack while on top of Asian prostitute    12/12/17  (9)
where is WMTP    12/12/17  (16)
Asian earl would rather not be spoken meanly to than avoid institutional racism    12/12/17  (8)
Due to a trick of the mind and the usable units we tended to have exchanged:    12/12/17  (1)
This week's Calls and Puts    12/12/17  (1)
Ladies and gents: the NYT needle tracker has returned!!    12/12/17  (4)
Monopoly money millionaires poast ITT    12/12/17  (2)
Truckers make good $$$    12/12/17  (7)
I want to be a business owner    12/12/17  (3)
Shrew GF: I hate Roy Moore 2nd cousin: I gave Roy Moore a hand job when I was 15    12/12/17  (1)
I Am BugMan    12/12/17  (1)
"Does she know about him?" -- yr divorce lawyer after phone call w/ Halford    12/12/17  (1)
DESCRIBE the lesbo exploration Gillibrand did w/Dartmouth roomie Connie Britton    12/12/17  (17)
Crypto is like the mega-millions lotto. Except no one knows when the drawing is.    12/12/17  (1)
Moore scheduled to give victory speech at local mall if he wins    12/12/17  (1)
dat $700 ETH    12/12/17  (5)
cr life strategy for nocoiners: become deeply religious, stop caring abt $    12/12/17  (1)
stop SLUT shaming my slutty friend!    12/12/17  (6)
"Roy Moore" sounds like a boxer, like someone Tyson would have fought    12/12/17  (19)
just do pay $1K/month for 'health insurance', bro    12/12/17  (13)
With a rebel yell she cried, Moore, Moore, Moore!    12/12/17  (12)
Private equity giant KKR wants to help 20k women learn how to code    12/12/17  (1)
a vote for Roy Moore is a vote against FRAUDULENT female accusers    12/12/17  (6)
if Moore wins, watch for libs true feelings on the "people" of Alabama to show    12/12/17  (22)
lol 51% of ALABAMA voters have unfavorable view of Republican Party    12/12/17  (12)
all I want for Christmas is Senator Roy Moore, but I don't celebrate x-mas    12/12/17  (1)
Percocet molly percocet    12/12/17  (12)
Trump will lose to Hillary in the landslide of the century.    12/12/17  (17)
Im legit growing a beard.    12/12/17  (1)
Reminder regardless of who wins Alabama peterman sucks & fucks truckers 4 ca$$$h    12/12/17  (5)
10K shitlibs,linking arms,singing "Some Nights" walking to Bama stadium    12/12/17  (4)
NYC libs gather at Javits Center to watch Alabama election returns    12/12/17  (4)
In your 20th year of a 50 mi. commute, wondering why you didnt BTC at $1700    12/12/17  (3)
I'd invest in ETH if it wasnt for peterman and chandler    12/12/17  (101)
Buy up used computers from eBay etc scrub for btc cr?    12/12/17  (1)
Charlie Lee is gonna make that enron nowag look like a catholic schoolboy 2night    12/12/17  (2)
Who are the top 9 azn bort personalities?    12/12/17  (5)
lol basically if you're discussing crypto here you weren't invited to the slack    12/12/17  (138)
now i understand why frank lloyg wrong tp hates crypto threading    12/12/17  (15)
"The crazy part," said Peterman as he came up for air, "is I dont need the money    12/12/17  (12)
Study: millennials recapturing money siphoned by China through crypto    12/12/17  (3)
Trump supporters deeply conflicted after groping allegations.    12/12/17  (2)
Is Frank LLoyd Wrong shitting himself in rage right now?    12/12/17  (10)
Life hack: wear compression socks even if u dont need them- will make u smarter    12/12/17  (1)
Libpedos deeply conflicted over potential Roy Moore victory    12/12/17  (1)
Early exit polls show TOTAL DISASTER for Roy Moore (-14)    12/12/17  (47)
I used to think Alabama was bad. Then I went to Mississippi.    12/12/17  (1)
My source at Doug Jones HQ says they expect to win BIG. LMAO pedo Drumpftards!!!    12/12/17  (13)
colt installs new exhaust system on his truck (video)    12/12/17  (4)
gratz to everyone making $$$$    12/12/17  (5)
Ok fuck it giving away Litecoins for the next 15 minutes.    12/12/17  (36)
PSA: $170,000 invested in ETH back in January and you'd be retired now.    12/12/17  (5)
Board libs: yeah RSF fuck that teen! Also, Roy Moore is a pedophile.    12/12/17  (3)
Xo #metoo is pawning the fuck out of bitchboi tls due process    12/12/17  (2)
PSA: if you bought $250 January 2018 SPY calls after Trump won, you'd be rich.    12/12/17  (1)
Russia taking L after L. (link)    12/12/17  (2)
*****ITT: Go On Record for Who Will Win Alabama Senate Race*****    12/12/17  (67)
Your divorce lawyer rubbing his forehead as you explain nigger threads    12/12/17  (10)
Scarlett Johansson in Ghost World (2001)    12/12/17  (1)

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