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Red Pill documentary is on Amazon Prime.    02/18/18  (12)
Libs coming for ARE HERO Clarence Thomas.    02/18/18  (5)
We need an official XO chaplain    02/18/18  (1)
why do nonwhites use ellipses so much in their writing    02/18/18  (3)
Anyone watch Waco yet?    02/18/18  (4)
rate this 7 month old boy who got shot to death by Mexican drug cartel    02/18/18  (3)
Reddit genius brands a dick on his arm.    02/18/18  (4)
Real talk: Black Panther was GOOD, but not GREAT    02/18/18  (14)
Definitive list of 1st tier, 2nd tier, and 3rd tier American cities    02/18/18  (16)
Literary Chad publishing 400-page poetic masterwork "The Moans of Your Future Wi    02/18/18  (7)
Killed a pitchfork editor with a possum . Lib wife got mad.    02/18/18  (2)
Documentary of the 2 hottie russian figure skaters (vid    02/18/18  (7)
stare decisis dat racis    02/18/18  (2)
Let's have a XO Las Vegas meetup and fuck up this town    02/18/18  (10)
poast your results of this Big Five personality test    02/18/18  (51)
can . . . CAN'T    02/18/18  (1)
As an 18 year old freshman I had a threesome with a Swedish girl and her sister    02/18/18  (5)
ANET down 20%. buy the dip    02/18/18  (1)
When Matt Leblanc says see, the self cock block? Not my kind of move...    02/18/18  (2)
XO famous again. TMF & MND indicted by Meuller    02/18/18  (3)
If ETH hits 950 I'll give one to everyone in this thread who says please.    02/18/18  (34)
wiki List of Black Superheroes    02/18/18  (1)
***I hereby declare TINYCHAT OPEN!***    02/18/18  (8)
Rank the top 3 movies for these actors    02/18/18  (1)
PHOTO EVIDENCE that moderately chubby gf isn't that fat    02/18/18  (50)
I have made a decision on Honda vs Subaru (pics)    02/18/18  (84)
Why doesn't the American media talk about mass murders in Mexico?    02/18/18  (1)
Clintons' trail of dead bodies is the stuff nightmares are made of    02/18/18  (10)
unhinged stalker quotemo lamenting the decline of xo    02/18/18  (15)
black panthers not 1st black superhero. Did people forget Blankman?    02/18/18  (20)
Alpha xo Dutch Dude Farts so Much he Forces Plane to Emergency Land    02/18/18  (3)
ACP here formally asking to join SNAPCHAT GROUPS from XO    02/18/18  (10)
Killed a possum with a pitchfork last night. Lib wife got mad.    02/18/18  (45)
we had tons of options & chose worst "profession" on the planet    02/18/18  (1)
This place has become very mean spirited: not just some pumos, the whole place    02/18/18  (80)
gf been living in my house since tuesday    02/18/18  (2)
It's a scandal that scientists dont even understand how HALLUCINOGENIC FISH work    02/18/18  (5)
ACP is more of a journeyman character than a teacher character    02/18/18  (2)
Matt LeBlanc on Episodes is 180.    02/18/18  (24)
Eyes Wide Shut today: is a white urban GP realistic?    02/18/18  (2)
XO has a "deep state" of poasters who run shit here    02/18/18  (5)
Sexy MILF Jewess Fashion Blogger Pregnant In Bra & Yoga Pants (PIC) #ironside    02/18/18  (5)
Eyes Wide Shut is criminally underrated    02/18/18  (39)
doodikoff did u hear we're all Brexit meddling international criminals    02/18/18  (2)
Real talk: Doctors never recovered from their depiction in Eyes Wide Shut    02/18/18  (18)
OH THE FOAM MISTRO    02/18/18  (3)
Moredoughhi has been killing it lately    02/18/18  (18)
What is the most astonishing act of SCHOLARSHIP you ever witnessed irl?    02/18/18  (8)
Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Wrong When Pit Bull Attacks Grandma A pit bull f    02/18/18  (4)
Seeking arrangements is expensive    02/18/18  (7)
*woman's pituitary flooding her brain w/ oxytocin as she is violently raped*    02/18/18  (11)
Raleigh NC - is that a secondary city or a tertiary city?    02/18/18  (2)
Fell into coma after market crash, are we in a recession or depression now    02/18/18  (1)
Dux smashing golf cart through tinder sluts door HEY PAR FOR THE COURSE HAHA    02/18/18  (9)
13 y/o niece asked for Tinder Plus for her birthday    02/18/18  (1)
In at Cornell Law at sticker, pumped    02/18/18  (5)
"My God! I'm buttfucking his wife!" murmured the SISSYBULL    02/18/18  (42)
Black bear attacks white Siberian Husky    02/18/18  (6)
Bored tonight. Taking q's (CharlesXII)    02/18/18  (200)
A robot that only attacks people who listen to chapo    02/18/18  (7)
BREAKING: Tezos to be released "in next few weeks"    02/18/18  (24)
Reserved for prestigious Diaper Crew Members ONLY (pic)    02/18/18  (1)
3 straight app girls have confessed to fantasizing about MMF threesomes    02/18/18  (21)
Do Eyes Wide shut-style orgies happen in IRL?    02/18/18  (2)
Only way (w/o weapon) to stop a pitbull from biting: grab its neck and choke it    02/18/18  (2)
Bronze Medalist in CURLING tests positive for PEDs #Olympics    02/18/18  (1)
Red Dawn end credits    02/18/18  (2)
would you adopt a semi domesticated lynx    02/18/18  (17)
Real Dog Attack (Pitbull attack to a little dog)    02/18/18  (3)
The SWEETCOIN! The TREATCOIN! The scholarly ELITECOIN!    02/18/18  (3)
My best friend from HS murdered two people. me: Purell at desk    02/18/18  (37)
Parents should feel more proud of their kids accomplishments than the kid shoul    02/18/18  (1)
Eyes Wide Shut is a criminally underrated movie    02/18/18  (15)
favorite Bowie song?    02/18/18  (45)
Friend havers at the bar singing Kokomo    02/18/18  (1)
Julias husband patting her on head as she tries to give him financial advice    02/18/18  (4)
Bill Cosby returns to doing stand-up; makes rape joke    02/18/18  (3)
This Polish skater is making me feel funny inside.    02/18/18  (5)
Im Louis Theroux and his wry smile at the orgy    02/18/18  (1)
Jordan Peterson told incels to stand up straight and to clean their rooms    02/18/18  (11)
Indian politician blown up in a fucking IED attack:    02/18/18  (1)
My small penis is squirting white fluid everywhere    02/18/18  (3)
met a shitlib who was convinced women aren't in NFL b/c of gender discrimination    02/18/18  (13)
We need domesticated minibears.    02/18/18  (28)
Natural science mastermen: how hard to domesticate an otter?    02/18/18  (18)
50 million to live 3 years in Antartica.    02/18/18  (40)
Do any of you guys stretch singularity?    02/18/18  (1)
Bear steals a man's steak on the grill    02/18/18  (10)
Do any of you guys stretch regularly?    02/18/18  (12)
Failing the bar must be so demoralizing    02/18/18  (25)
It's entirely possiible that trepanning DOES let demons out of people's skulls    02/18/18  (1)
which one of you runs twitter @AUTOADMITCOM ?    02/18/18  (2)
Wilbur do you wear a low billed hat and shadow box at the gym?    02/18/18  (7)
My Dearest Melania...    02/18/18  (4)
Julia, any advice you can offer on market performance today? (2/12/18)    02/18/18  (5)
Movie master men: explain the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut    02/18/18  (40)
Literary Chad describing ur future wife settling for you as act of bathos    02/18/18  (1)
White guy with Asian girl partner representing South Korea in figure skating    02/18/18  (3)
American Jews are disgusting creatures    02/18/18  (1)
Literary Chad employing onomatopoeia to describe your future wife's pussy sounds    02/18/18  (2)
It is 2038. ur kirkland-brand smartphone wakes u up in ur kirkland-brand house    02/18/18  (4)
wife is really sick. something w her throat. said she felt like she was dying    02/18/18  (15)
Reminder of what Andi MacDowell's dotters look like    02/18/18  (9)
Watched the film "Noviatiate" to see Andie Macdowell's youngest daughter    02/18/18  (1)
The APARTHEID was even more fucked up than the HOLOCAUST    02/18/18  (1)
Tonight's HQ trivia is $25K    02/18/18  (12)
People at bar near me referring to epic fails    02/18/18  (2)
Peterman to trucker: I'm seeking an arrangement    02/18/18  (2)
Enoch Powell's lesser-known "Rivers of Cum" speech (video)    02/18/18  (12)
What % of Russians have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?    02/18/18  (4)
john lennon - well well well.mp3    02/18/18  (2)
Chris Rock: I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are s    02/18/18  (16)
XOXO basically proves libs are right about race relations    02/18/18  (11)
Cr to just start showing up @ history classes like in peep show    02/18/18  (4)
I met a guy on Tinder. He said he was not looking for "casual sex"    02/18/18  (29)
who has tomorrow off from work / can work from home?    02/18/18  (3)
#prayfortezos    02/18/18  (4)
Saw Eyes Wide Shut with friends and our moms in HS    02/18/18  (42)
RATE this WGWAG lawyer couple    02/18/18  (3)
Have you ever seen a woman cry at work?    02/18/18  (28)
Anyone reflexively doubt rape/assault claims by porn chicks?    02/18/18  (51)
Peterman to trucker: "Happy Valentine's Day Big Earl" *pulls out knee pads*    02/18/18  (6)
black comic on Carson in '81 "WE NEED TO KILL MORE WHITE PEOPLE!" *crowd laughs*    02/18/18  (1)
Kirkland-brand 4-door sedan    02/18/18  (10)
ARE Reptile's secret double life as well-adjusted, funny individual    02/18/18  (7)
Breaking point: Threw a big turd at a nigger today    02/18/18  (6)
i'm gay    02/18/18  (60)
Casually slipping a homemade N-word card into roommates Cards Against Humanity s    02/18/18  (2)
Living Colour is an awesome band. How did I never get into them?    02/18/18  (7)
Coroner identifies 6-year-old girl killed by suspected drunk driver in Fullerton    02/18/18  (5)
Here is the most annoying tattoo I've ever seen    02/18/18  (19)
Janus Capital's Bill Gross: I don't like most stocks, but I do like gold    02/18/18  (8)
mr jinx, my ass can take a full load and my mouth a second one (whok)    02/18/18  (2)
Larry Nassar incorporated dingos in his 'therapy' (Court TV)    02/18/18  (1)
My 23 month old just said "my dad is a monster"    02/18/18  (4)
women hate sex, they only do it for men    02/18/18  (38)
****ROLL CALL**** Who has tomorrow OFF from wagecucking    02/18/18  (10)
New celebrity nudes leaked... of "sabermetrics" pioneer Bill James:    02/18/18  (1)
FYI for newlyweds: 85% chance your wife will grow to hate you    02/18/18  (3)
12 y/o expelled for saying "no way, jose"    02/18/18  (6)
JOHNTHONY    02/18/18  (1)
*sets ChristianMingle filter to 27-32, never married, no kid* *blows brains out*    02/18/18  (9)
How is the skiing at Sugar Mountain NC?    02/18/18  (1)
you never see a guy panhandling outside of Toys R Us    02/18/18  (1)
Hollywood to remake "The Bodyguard"... with the genders SWAPPED:    02/18/18  (2)
currently testing out my new rose oils    02/18/18  (3)
reminder: Clintons are monsters and would crash a whole plane to kill 1 witness    02/18/18  (8)
we all interfered in Brexit by poasting. i'll negotiate group surrender terms    02/18/18  (6)
What's the most prestigious bedtime story?    02/18/18  (13)

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