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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Anyone know what is needed to transfer 100% of shares from father to son?    08/17/18  (10)
What is the purpose of put options, how do they benefit society    08/17/18  (17)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/17/18  (32)
TMF I would fuck you so hard bro. I would cum in you and make you feel safe    08/17/18  (6)
*law teens reading ur best xo threads at sleepover, giggling and screaming*    08/17/18  (14)
Ever dated another Trump supporter?    08/17/18  (16)
'have you done anal w/ anybody else', the beta mealticket asked. 'no', pddj lied    08/17/18  (31)
The future Libs are fighting for (pic)    08/17/18  (2)
All living former CIA directors tell Trump/Putin the game is up (LINK)    08/17/18  (44)
Give me cigarettes or give me death    08/17/18  (1)
Andrew Cuomo BENDS THE KNEE: "of COURSE America is and was great"    08/17/18  (15)
IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/17/18  (89)
xo is a bunch of unimaginative motherfuckers who all look like Jon Lovitz    08/17/18  (26)
Tt dipping garlic naan in pddjs pussy    08/17/18  (12)
lawman8 deleted the thread where peanuts tp ran train on his boihole    08/17/18  (17)
NYT: "how can I cure my white guilt?"    08/17/18  (33)
PDDJ HS Friend Hasn't Talked To Her bc His Negress GF Not Invited To Our Wedding    08/17/18  (8)
Reddit is oppressively banal    08/17/18  (40)
TSINAH pulling his favorite cereal bowl and hairpiece out of the dishwasher    08/17/18  (4)
*Paula Deen lubing your asshole with melted butter as she straps on dildo*    08/17/18  (33)
ITT tell me about your least favorite uncle.    08/17/18  (20)
"SEASON my chicken vindaloo" hissed PDDJ going spread eagle    08/17/18  (9)
Delaware Court of Chancery: most prestigious court in America?    08/17/18  (7)
Krampusnacht turning PDDJ's ass into a cum swamp    08/17/18  (11)
peanuts tp is the ex-bass player from 311, "P-Nut"    08/17/18  (9)
DBG's wife yelping like his faggot dog as three smelly turdskins hammer every ho    08/17/18  (33)
Rule 34 is real--check out this gif of Insp. Gadget & Brain spitroasting Penny    08/17/18  (11)
#Manafort trial knitter had her crochet needles confiscated this morning    08/17/18  (2)
i get really impatient now when someone in front of me on line pays w/cash    08/17/18  (57)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    08/17/18  (81)
Kyle Kashuv is a future president    08/17/18  (5)
Can America Ever Come Together Again? (No) - Pat Buchanan column:    08/17/18  (16)
The AP is part of the jury doxing effort. Time to disband?    08/17/18  (2)
Manafort judge sends note to jury!!!!    08/17/18  (1)
Manafort jury sends note to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!    08/17/18  (37)
Manafort jury sends note to judge, asks if they can lock Hillary up    08/17/18  (3)
Reading about the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests in 1940s-50s    08/17/18  (56)
Manafort jury's note to Judge Ellis: "what are taxes?" NOT FLAME    08/17/18  (2)
"Messianic Jews" make me laugh    08/17/18  (17)
Manafort juror with MAGA hat on and feet on table: "nope not buying it. not guil    08/17/18  (3)
I am an alt-right white nationalist Jew    08/17/18  (89)
want to watch a kid with NO LEGS kick another kid's ass?    08/17/18  (12)
Cinci 8/17 Spoilers #tennis    08/17/18  (2)
anyone watch trollhunters on netflix? its a 180000 1990's style cartoon    08/17/18  (6)
Omega Speedmaster Man on the FUCKIN MOOON    08/17/18  (9)
Amul Thapar personally calling each senator, announcing himself as Steve    08/17/18  (36)
Why can't bots just record a person clicking on "I'm not a robot" and replay it?    08/17/18  (4)
Nvidia, AMD, Samsung just going to let Bitmain monopolize mining?    08/17/18  (1)
Question for Trump-Russia conspiracy MFEs    08/17/18  (3)
Blast Stone Roses' I Wanna Be Adored in my biglaw office, CR?    08/17/18  (1)
Just took a shit, toilet bowl looks like a fucking chili cookoff    08/17/18  (21)
What do you want to do cross-pacific transactions for?    08/17/18  (5)
Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/17/18  (155)
CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort jury    08/17/18  (67)
crazy how the FBI can't figure out if Michael Cohen traveled to Prague    08/17/18  (4)
HS graduate at 14 -> UPenn UG -> GULC -> DE Court of Chancery -> 10th Circuit    08/17/18  (13)
Who's next from the Deep State to go down?    08/17/18  (5)
CEOs crying about $tress making billion$ firing your a$$ = u homele$$ haha    08/17/18  (2)
Invited Jew To Shabbat Dinner. Here's His List Of Allergies.    08/17/18  (25)
Got Save The Date For PDDJ's White Trash HS Friend Wedding. Told Her "Have Fun"    08/17/18  (104)
How did academia become so liberal? What happened? Was it always that way    08/17/18  (58)
Holy shit evidence that Chinese communists are behind Alex Jones ban    08/17/18  (19)
50/50 either Nebraska wins a national champion ship this year or they won't    08/17/18  (4)
How to set odds for bets on "Next lawyer to leave Trump team" ?    08/17/18  (3)
I am coming out and saying it: I am a white nationalist jew. I am proud.    08/17/18  (67)
Funny how Christians turned the most narcissistic Jew ever into their god    08/17/18  (26)
attention to detail is extremely womanly    08/17/18  (59)
Negotiation with Chinese Investors CLE Monday!    08/17/18  (1)
Imagine life as the bird colonel tasked with planning the DC "Military Parade"    08/17/18  (11)
Is UFC Fat Shaming Their Female Fighters With 'Weight Classes'?    08/17/18  (2)
CNN just likes to doxx people they dont agree with?    08/17/18  (3)
Pay a retarded slob in a cheap suit $5K to sit in jail for 2 months w nigs    08/17/18  (3)
*CNN points squarely at you in public* "He was a Manafort Juror!"    08/17/18  (6)
Do these idiot oldsters think youngsters give two shits about "McCarthyism"?    08/17/18  (1)
How fitting would it be for Manafort to get acquitted due to AA?    08/17/18  (7)
*******TINYCHAT TONIGHT*******    08/17/18  (1)
Clock Boy and Mattress Girl turn into demon dogs, roar beside Gozer Hillary    08/17/18  (34)
Giving away awesome Dodger tickets for August 21 (CSLG)    08/17/18  (27)
Why are women wearing those yoga pants with sheer cutouts now    08/17/18  (19)
Last night I listened to breathy 90s female singers.    08/17/18  (14)
Protip: If you're high IQ just bring your IQ test score to bars and show chicks    08/17/18  (2)
XO is oppressively anal.    08/17/18  (4)
Ocasio Cortez bans press from attending her campaign event (link)    08/17/18  (6)
Married couple making $1 million/yr able to save $54k/yr (link)    08/17/18  (111)
The 5 Levels of Swiss Watches (VID)    08/17/18  (114)
Evan39 and UES doing a cartwheel 69 at the front of the $100m military parade    08/17/18  (7)
Could YOU run 500 yards in less than 2 minutes???    08/17/18  (24)
"oh, my hapa kid will be fine if it's a girl" *Emma Sulcowizc born*    08/17/18  (4)
16-19 year old female physique > male physique > other age female body    08/17/18  (3)
"We need freedom of the press!" Kasich said as he tightened the vise on ur head    08/17/18  (2)
everyone here is low IQ    08/17/18  (5)
LOL at Ellison getting Metoo'd by some clearly psychotic bitch    08/17/18  (1)
Malik Obama: "Traps ARE gay."    08/17/18  (26)
if you're low IQ you should just kill yourself    08/17/18  (4)
Boner Police, why did you pick Tufts over Harvard, MIT or Amherst/Williams?    08/17/18  (1)
An honest liberal: whites should be bred out of existence    08/17/18  (8)
CNN seen digging through courtroom dumpster? (link    08/17/18  (1)
i have never met a 6'3+man that is funny    08/17/18  (42)
Black HS kid with 3.4 --> HUG --> YLS --> Skadden --> nigger --> nigger --> nigg    08/17/18  (2)
Y'all realize Manafort is getting hit with state charges too right?    08/17/18  (19)
XO meme that encapsulates a lot of REDDIT is the "thoughts and prayers" meme    08/17/18  (1)
Just having fun on here&blowing off steam. 12 hrs later: the holocaust never hap    08/17/18  (2)
Remember mattress girl who claimed she was raped? Here she is now (pic)    08/17/18  (16)
You guys see the Emma Sulkowitz video yet?    08/17/18  (364)
just to reiterate: SCOTT FROST    08/17/18  (1)
Why the obsession with Manafort case? It's just some tax fraud. Who cares?    08/17/18  (8)
Im calling bullshit on Apple in general    08/17/18  (27)
Have extra night in Chicago coming up - best area to stay to fuck Tinderellas?    08/17/18  (12)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Media From Campaign Town Halls    08/17/18  (7)
"at least we can all agree we want America to be great.." libs:'No'    08/17/18  (2)
Trump: if Andrew Cuomo resigns, he'll get higher ratings than his brother Chris!    08/17/18  (6)
Gary Johnson: "What is Wisconsin?"    08/17/18  (4)
What I like about XO over Reddit is the very aggressive, fuming yosmite sam shit    08/17/18  (3)
Any LA poasters want to BLOW RAILS with me next week?    08/17/18  (23)
Serious Biz idea: "disrupt" private schools by going back to 1 room schoolhouse    08/17/18  (4)
Prole Goy Pastor Bitten By Snake (PICS)    08/17/18  (6)
Dog groomers and people that work in pet stores are so weord    08/17/18  (8)
Is Archie Luxury Prole?    08/17/18  (1)
Met a Jewish girl working for innocence project named Frieda Nigs    08/17/18  (25)
I watched I am a Killer on Netflix; dont feel so bad about my life anymore    08/17/18  (5)
only problem with holdup being dagestani is his supporting KHABIB    08/17/18  (5)
Investing it all tonight.    08/17/18  (2)
"global capitalism" which is an entirely different entity than "capitalism"    08/17/18  (3)
Have $100k sitting in checking that i want to invest. Should I DCA or invest all    08/17/18  (3)
"hehe the unabomber was 180" posted the risk-averse wagecuck on the law board    08/17/18  (41)
This MGS 2 clip predicted everything about libs, Deep State, & politics today (l    08/17/18  (3)
Woman who claims rape made to prove she has his DNA in her brain? (link    08/17/18  (2)
Look, im a father who retired his dick, so from my perspective, yours should be    08/17/18  (1)
Which aging "super$tar" pulled biggest con on Yankees/Redskins?    08/17/18  (3)
The lowest IQ group on XO is people who poast abt "GC" and "XO Ted".    08/17/18  (2)
Doctor calls rug cleaner to his house;bimbo wife agrees to pay $42k for cleaning    08/17/18  (18)
Pls rate me as a poaster and critique my poasting. ty.    08/17/18  (15)
Would you LTR/wife a dick girl?    08/17/18  (18)
*sips coffee* "Ah" *smiles and settles in for another mentally ill Friday*    08/17/18  (65)
$100 million but you becum gay    08/17/18  (2)
I drank 4 16 oz. Miller Lites in 50 minutes during lunch today    08/17/18  (33)
Hawaii judge finds Manafort guilty of tax evasion    08/17/18  (2)
Shoe Lift.... EXTENSIONS?    08/17/18  (1)
An endless parade of 5'2" women pining after 6'3" men    08/17/18  (10)
*sips coffee* *types "Assfag" into search box*    08/17/18  (29)
Bout to be a great fucking day and weekend coming up    08/17/18  (1)
$100 million but you can only drink IPAs and diet Coke for rest of your life    08/17/18  (8)
Gun to head, have to give number of cocks Madonna has sucked in lifetime    08/17/18  (9)
Chuck E. Cheese employee took "upskirt" shots at 15 year olds birthday party (li    08/17/18  (2)
Girl I've been seeing has tattoo on hip says "Stay Wild" wants to get serious    08/17/18  (26)
This is what the beachfront push in Normandy was all about    08/17/18  (4)
*Closes office door* "NIGGGGGGERRRRRRRR!!!"
   08/17/18  (11)
light beer and millions of different IPAs = American beer    08/17/18  (6)
Is lawman8 going to retire after the peanuts decision    08/17/18  (7)

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