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Been having lucid dreams where I serve annoying ugly Jewish women civil suits

They are usually accompanied by their leashed up cuck husban...
jesus of nazareth

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Date: January 12th, 2018 3:16 PM
Author: jesus of nazareth

They are usually accompanied by their leashed up cuck husbands who passively let me berate their cunt brides while I walk them through the litigation process if they want to pursue the claim they are accusing me of

Last night I punched a hole in a wall (in the dream) after scoring a winning touchdown qb fake drive on 3rd and 3. It was called back for illegal formation and then this vile Jewish women said she was going to call the police for the hole in the wall.

I calmly looked at her pacified pet husband (picture mark zuckerberg lying supine on grass with Bermuda shorts) and calmly said if you involve the police in these matters you are opening a door to a civil suit against your and our ugly Jew family, I had every right to punch that wall allegedly. Now go back to your wretched life.